RingCare Combo

RingCare Combo 2.46

Make ringtones from your MP3s


  • Lets you prepare your audio in Windows first
  • Supports a range of audio formats
  • Assign different ringtones to different contacts


  • Won't stop you annoying people on the bus


Unfortunately, there's no way around the fact that in order to hear your phone ringing it needs to make some sort of noise. This can get very annoying for the people around you on the bus or in the office, and it can also get pretty tedious for you - the person who actually has to listen to the 'tune' everytime someone calls you.

Although it can't help with the first of these little problems, RingCare Combo is able to add a little variety to your mobile phone by allowing you to apply MP3s and MIDI audio to your ringtones.

There are two compotents to the program: the first works under Windows and lets you prepare audio files in MP3, WAV or Ogg format ready to be deployed on your Treo.

The Smartphone component searches the internal memory and extension cards for usable audio. You can then assign this music to your device's default ringtone and even apply it to individual contacts or groups.

SmartCare delivers an intuitive platform for adding some diversity to your Treo's ringer, helping you to personalise your ringtones with ease.

RingCare Mobile is a ringtone management solution that allows you to use MP3s and MIDI tones for incoming phone calls, text messages and voicemail.

Installing RingCare Mobile on your Treo will allow you to assign unique tones to each contact, phone number, company name and/or contact category.

RingCare Combo


RingCare Combo 2.46

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